Mazurka iz Razdolia
Name: Mazurka Rezvaya
Birth date: 16.05.2006
Sex: female
Color: black
Sire: CH RUS, BLR, UKR, 3xCACIB Cherny Monarch iz Razdolia
Dam: CH RUS Leicro's Russian Zolka Zara
Owner: Nana Trubizina, Moscow,Russia


28.02.2011 New photo our Mazurka Rezvaya iz Razdolia. Many thanks to Mazurka's owner - Nana Trubizina

  02/05/2009 Coursing competitions ,CACIL , Moscow ,Russia.

Mazurka Rezvaya iz Razdolia - 2-d place,R.CACIL.

Our BEST CONGRATULATIONS to their owners !!!


  25.05.2008 The largest exhibition of National Borzoi Club .Russia,Moscow.
185 borzois have been written down.
Judge: Nikitin A.(Russia)
We are very happy with big success of the results of borzois from kennel "Iz Razdolia" and our male's children.

Mazurka Rezvaya iz Razdolia was EXC/4 in Working Class.

Our BEST CONGRATULATIONS to their owners!!!


2.05.2008 International Coursing,CACIL, St.-Petersburg .
Judges:B. Michael Rahms (Germany),Emeljanova V,Poljakova G,Egorova M.(Russia)
- Milij iz Razdolia has get CACIL ,has won runnings the dogs, 1-place.
- Mazurka Rezvaja iz Razdolia - 3-place, CC
- Rusich Tsaritsa Otrada (our grand daughter)-R.CACIL - 2-place
Our BEST CONGRATULATIONS to their owner - Parishenko Ekaterina and Trubizina Nana!!!
We are so proud of you and we wish successes !

09.02.2008 We are very happy with big success of the Shows's results of our young Mazurka Rezvaya iz Razdolia.
Mazurka has get 4xCAC and it becomes fast the Champion of Russia.
We wish our Mazurka Rezvaya success . Our BEST CONGRATULATIONS to Mazurka's owner Nana Trubizina!!!
Well done! We are so proud of you.
Our Mazurka Rezvaja iz Razdolia has became new Junior Russian Champion on race and lure coursing Junior Champion!
Our BEST CONGRATULATIONS to her owner Nana Trubizina! We are so proud of you.
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