Muromez iz Razdolia
Name: Muromez
Birth date: 16.05.2006
Sex: male
Color: black
Sire: CH RUS, BLR, UKR, 3xCACIB Cherny Monarch iz Razdolia
Dam: CH RUS Leicro's Russian Zolka Zara
Owner: Natalia Budisheva , Krasnodar,Russia


10/04/2010 Borzoi's national club exhibition,Temruk,the south of Russia.
Judge: Kochetireva G. (Russia)

Muromez iz Razdolia
- became the 1-st in the 1-st in the working class,CC.
Bujan iz Razdolia - became the 1-st in the champion class, The candidate for Champions of Club, BEST MALE, BOB.

We are happy and we congratulate boy's owners - Natalia & Ura Budichevi !!!


03/05/2009 The exhibition of hunting dogs Krasnodar (Russia).

Our Buyan iz Razdolia became the the winner of an exhibition by the hunting rules.
Muromez iz Razdolia has taken the second place.

Our Best Congratulations to their owners Natalia & Urji Budichev !!!

The North Caucasian inter-regional competitions of dogs of borzoi breeds.
Experts: Xalmoshi, Jung.
Muromez iz Razdolia has received the title "Field Winner", has occupied 1 place!
He is awarded by the cup and the prize.
Buyan iz Razdolia - the 2-d place!
Both has received the hunting diplomas!

25.05.2008 The largest exhibition of National Borzoi Club .Russia,Moscow.
185 borzois have been written down.
Judge: Nikitin A.(Russia)
We are very happy with big success of the results of borzois from kennel "Iz Razdolia" and our male's children.

Muromez iz Razdolia was EXC/4 in Working Class

Our BEST CONGRATULATIONS to their owners!!!

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