Bogema iz Razdolia
Name: Bogema iz Razdolia
Birth date: 28.05.2009
Sex: female
Sire: INT CH,CH RUS,CH BLR,CH FIN,Grand RUS CH,National Russian Club CH,6xCH of the RKF, Russian's Pride 2006-2007,RUSW-06-07,4x BEST in GROUP-10,3x BEST in SHOW,TOP BORZOI - 2008, FT HARE & FOX Zagar iz Razdolia
Dam: Ch Rus & Bel & Ukr,Grand Ukr Ch ,2xCACIB  , FT HARE Pagranitsjniki Bodana
Owner: Debra E. Perry ,USA



18/03/2012 New photo of Bogema iz Razdolia


Here is a picture of Bogema at the Grand Course. Unfortunately, the man is standing in front of the rabbit!

Bogema at the Grand Course. She has blood on her legs from the hare!!!

February 19, 20 and 21, 2011
California, USA
41st Annual NOFCA Grand Course (National Open Field Coursing Association)
Entry of 60 dogs
Judges: Al Crume, Paso Robles, California; Jason Hyska, Georgetown, Texas
(Open to all sighthound breeds by invitation to those who have earned at least 50 points during the season.)

Bogema iz Razdolia ( Zagar iz Razdolia x Pogranichniki Badana) :

- High Score Novice Borzoi 2010 - 2011 season

- 4th place in the overall standings for borzoi in the 2010 - 2011 season

- 1st place Grand Course borzoi

Our Best Congratulations to her owners Rhiannon & Ernie !!!


28/02/2010 New photos of Bogema & Bojana iz Razdolia at the age of 9 months.

8 weeks age

1 month age

Age - 16 days

Age - 1 days